Why She Stopped Texting You

So everything was going along great, and then suddenly... contact stopped. Your girl must have lost interest, you reason, because now she's not texting and is hardly responding to your own text messages.

Why She Stopped Texting

So what does it mean?

Did your girlfriend lose interest?

Is she more interested in someone else?

Maybe she already has another guy, and stopping all contact is her way of breaking up with you?

Well it could be any number of these things. So read on!

The REAL Reasons a Girl Will Stop Text-Messaging You

The first thing you need to realize when a girl stops replying to your contact is that yes, she's going cold. Don't keep asking her "what's wrong", or "why are you like this", or offer to do something to "cheer her up". Instead, recognize the signs of withdrawal, and then start withdrawing yourself while you figure out what to do about it.

Your natural instinct here is to chase. You think something's wrong, and that somehow you can 'fix' it. To do that, you charge head on. You're a male. You're taking the most direct approach to the problem, which is to contact her more, open up more as to how much you care, etc...

All of these things will drive her away. And the harder you press? The faster she'll run.

In truth, women are attracted more to men who they can't easily read. She's going to chase you more when you haven't acted, because she reaches a point where she fears losing you. Remember this, the golden rule:

Nothing will make a woman more interested in you than when she feels you slipping away.

That's the point at which she has to make a decision; give you more attention, or risk losing you for good.

During this time, don't make ANY of the 7 most devastating mistakes all guys make when a girl first breaks contact with them.

Commit even two or three of those mistakes? You've cut your chances of luring her back in HALF.

What to Do When a Girl Isn't Responding to You

It seems counter-intuitive to ignore a girl who's slipping away. But that's EXACTLY what will create value in her eyes again. When you're aloof, distant, busy, or non-responsive? A girl will actually GAIN interest. Suddenly she wants to know why you haven't been calling or chasing her, and her own confidence slips.

Now, when a girl backs off, that's when you really need to up your game. Rather than coming apart a the seams, you need to be stronger and more in control of your life than ever before.

So all of those things you did when she first met you and became attracted to you? Do those things again. And do them with laser focus, while you ignore any impulses you might have to reach out to her again and again when she's not even responding to your phone calls or text messages.

The length of texts between you matters too. If your girl is responding with short, one or two-word answers whenever you text back and forth, it's a fairly good indication she's losing interest.

When this happens, the WORST thing you can do is send longer and longer texts. If you're writing long drawn out messages and getting only one-word answers? That makes you look even more weak and needy, which will only drop her interest even faster.

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