"I Want My Girlfriend Back... But Since We Broke Up, Everything I Do Only Pushes Her Away..."

Sound familiar? If your ex girlfriend is cold, detached, or you feel her slipping away, you need to be proactive and move quickly in order to get her back.

Believe it or not, winning your girlfriend back is an easy skill to learn. Even if she's the one who broke up with you, there's always a path that leads back into her life again... all you need do is find that correct path and walk it.

Which RED FLAG Situation Are You In?


What Can I Do Right Now To Get My Girlfriend Back?

Lots. No matter how you broke up or how long ago it happened, there are still strong emotional bonds and deep connections shared between you and your ex girlfriend. Getting back together is a matter of drawing those feelings back to the surface, and bringing back some of that old 'magic' you once had together.

Even if it feels like she's already gone, there are powerful reconnection techniques you can start using immediately. Correct execution of these techniques will turn your ex girlfriend's attention right back upon you, no matter how far gone she seems or what's currently going on in her life right now.

Are There Ways To Make Her Want Me Again?

Of course! Getting your ex to want you back is a huge part of reconciliation. At the same time, every breakup is uniquely different. No single approach works for every scenario, so you'll need breakup advice geared toward your own specific situation:

How Did Your Girlfriend Break Up With You?

"Maybe we should take a break from the relationship..."

In this scenario, your girlfriend may be looking at other options (i.e. dating someone else). You need to act fast to prevent the break from becoming a breakup.

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"I think we should break up, but I still want to be friends with you..."

The post-breakup friendship is one of the worst traps you can fall into. Find out why staying friends with your ex girlfriend will hurt your chances of getting her back.

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"I just need some time to myself, so please give me some space..."

Your girlfriend doesn't really want space here, she wants something much more dangerous. Find out how you can turn this situation around quickly, before it's too late.

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"We fight too much, and we don't work as a couple anymore..."

Although fighting may be a bad thing, it indicates that your girlfriend still feels strongly about you. This is one of the easier situations to get back together from.

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Can I Get Her Back If She's Not Talking To Me?

An unresponsive ex girlfriend is a very common problem. Getting back into her life again is all a matter of doing the right thing at the right time. Contacting your ex correctly is one of the hardest parts of winning her over.

Any communication you have with your ex girlfriend needs to be positive and constructive, because the wrong type of connection can push her in the opposite direction. Immediately after your breakup is a very important time; if you're not careful, crucial mistakes can easily be made.

What Contact Do You Have With Your Exgirlfriend?

"We talk as friends, but she doesn't seem interested in me as a boyfriend..."

Friendship will destroy any shot at getting your ex back. Find out how you can reinsert yourself into her life as a potential mate, and not just as a platonic friend.

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"We haven't had any contact with each other since the break up..."

Ex girlfriend still not talking to you? Don't panic. There are easy ways of reconnecting with your ex that set the stage for getting back together again.

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"My ex girlfriend isn't returning my phone calls or messages..."

Unresponsive behavior doesn't necessarily mean your ex is over your relationship. In many cases, your girlfriend is staying away to avoid facing the strong emotional connections she still feels toward you.

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"My ex keeps emailing or texting me, but I don't know what it means..."

Any contact intitiated by an ex girlfriend is a positive sign of interest. You need to proceed very carefully here, because what you do next will determine whether or not you can win your girlfriend back.

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Can Things Go Back To How They Were Before?

Remember the magic you felt when you first started dating your girlfriend? The sparks that flew... the passion and excitement... how the both of you couldn't stand to be apart from each other?

Winning Girlfriend Back

You can easily create that same scenario again.

Hands down, the best way to get your girlfriend back is to make her feel those original sparks she once experienced with you. By playing upon the emotional ties she felt at the beginning of your relationship, you can recreate that amazing time.

By examining the origins of your previous relationship, you can once again experience that indestructible honeymoon portion of your romance. Do this correctly, and your exgirlfriend will be begging you for a second chance, instead of the other way around.

How Can I Tell If My Ex Girlfriend Still Loves Me?

Any girl you dated will always have certain feelings for you. Successfully reversing your break up will depend on how you can play upon these suppressed emotional ties. To win your girlfriend back, you also need to know exactly where her heart lies.

Signs That Your Girlfriend Still Has Feelings For You:

"My exgirlfriend wants to meet up with me, but only as friends..."

This is better news than you might think. Your ex wants to see you because she misses you, but she's using 'friendship' as an excuse to cover up her true feelings.

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"My ex has stayed in touch with me even after the break up..."

A girlfriend who no longer wants you will break contact quickly. If she's still keeping in touch, it means she isn't very comfortable with the idea of losing you just yet.

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"My ex girlfriend stopped by or showed up somewhere she knew I'd be..."

In this case, your ex is trying to keep you in her life. This is a good position to be in, and there are moves you can make here that will drive her right back to you.

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"My ex is always asking me if I'm going to date someone else..."

Jealousy accelerates the reconciliation process. Your ex girlfriend wants you to stay put in case she wants you again, which is why she's asking about your social life.

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My Ex Girlfriend Isn't Responding To Me. What Now?

It all depends on your ex girlfriend's current agenda. She may have someone else in mind, or she might just want to play the field. It's crucial that you understand exactly what she wants if you're going to have any chance of winning your ex back.

There are important bonding techniques that will help reconnect you to your ex girlfriend at the basest emotional levels. By establishing this connection you can learn exactly what moves will undo the breakup and make her happy with you again.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Her Interested Again?

A girlfriend who's losing interest in you is a dangerous situation. You need to be extremely proactive about what you do here, before your ex slips even further emotionally away than she already has.

On the bright side, there methods that will put you right back on your ex girlfriend's mind again. Once she misses you, your ex will start thinking about your past relationship, and that's when you'll use other techniques designed to get her back, and make her want to give your romance a second chance.

Best of all these methods work no matter how long it's been since you and your girlfriend have broken up.

Currently, your ex girlfriend has a certain attitude toward you. Getting her back requires you to know the counterpoints for each negative behavior. For example, which of the following holds true of your girlfriend right now:

• She rejects all contact
• Not answering your calls
• Displays a total lack of interest
• She wants to be left alone
• She never calls you back
• Always acting too busy to talk

Obviously, you can't win your girlfriend back until you've corrected these issues. By learning a handful of easy reversal techniques, you can totally flip your ex's current mindset and get her to see you in the loving way she used to.

By acting the way she doesn't expect, you can reverse her behavior and turn her attention right back to you!

Are There Things I Can Say To Win Her Back?

The way you handle communication right now with your ex girlfriend will determine whether or not you'll be able to get her back.

Calling Ex Girlfriend

In most cases your girlfriend will seek to detach herself immediately, breaking contact right after the relationship ends. When this happens, it's important not to panic. By handling the breakup calmly and cooly, you can keep on track to reversing your breakup without scaring your ex away.

Simultaneously, there are many things you can do to make your girlfriend want you back. It's all a matter of choosing the right words - and the right times - to make your approach. Sometimes what you say isn't as important as when you say it, and how you reach out to re-establish those lines of communication.

Check out this free opening moves video describing how to handle those first few critical steps in your exgirlfriend's direction.

Can I Win Her Back Fast By Accelerating The Process?

No true breakup can be fixed overnight. Still, there are some definite adjustments you can make that will speed up the process of getting your girlfriend back.

Avoiding the bigger post-breakup mistakes will always shorten the length of your breakup. The more bad or reckless moves you make, the harder it will be to get back together with your ex in the long run.

Undoing the damage done by acting carelessly in the early stages of the breakup can delay getting her to change her mind. For that reason, everything you do needs to be carefully calculated toward making your ex want to be with you again.

My Girlfriend Just Wants To Be Friends - What Now?

You're in dangerous territory, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. What you do in this situation is extremely important, because you can easily and accidentally sabotage any chance of ever dating your ex again.

A girlfriend who asks to stay friends after the breakup is looking to keep you in her life, but at the same time she wants to push you away. Learning proper withdrawal methods can separate you from her circle of friendship while actually making your girlfriend need you back... as a boyfriend instead of a platonic friend.

And if you've already slipped into the friendship trap? Getting out can be tough, but even so there are ways you can turn her opinion of you back into a romantic one. By playing upon old emotional bonds you can make your ex realize she still has feelings of love and happiness associated with making you her boyfriend again.

If I Cheated On My Girlfriend Can I Still Get Her Back?

Absolutely. In fact, getting your girlfriend back after she catches you cheating can actually be easier than reversing a standard breakup. The main reason? Her feelings for you didn't go away naturally - they were forced to change - all at once - through actions that were beyond her control.

Betrayal is a hard thing to overcome. In order to win your girlfriend back after cheating, you'll need to get her past that initial anger. Learn how to reach the stage during which her emotional guard is down, and her true feelings for you are once again accessible. This is when you can work toward repairing your relationship and getting your ex to come back to you.

Before you can get back together, you'll also need to learn clean slate techniques. Once you get your girlfriend to forgive you for cheating, you're allowing your new relationship the best chance for success.

Can I Get Her Back If She's Dating Someone Else?

Once your ex girlfriend is involved with another guy, things get a little more complicated. Even so, there are subtle techniques you can use to undermine her new romance and turn the focus back to your old relationship.

If your ex started dating a new boyfriend immediately after breaking up with you, it's actually a good sign. Not only is she involved in a rebound romance not likely to last very long, chances are good she has a lot of unresolved feelings for you.

Hope should never be lost. Learning how to bring those feelings back to the surface is an important part of making your exgirlfriend miss and want you again, even when she's currently dating another guy.

Winning Your Girlfriend Back - Where Do You Start?

Reversing a breakup isn't as hard as you might think. It's part luck, part perserverance, and a good part skill. Knowlege is power, and the more you know the greater your chances of getting your ex girlfriend to want you in her life again.

Winning-Your-Girlfriend-Back.com features over 20+ pages of incredible free advice on how to put your girlfriend back in your arms. By learning exactly what to do - and when to do it - you'll start walking the step by step path toward reconciliation.

Don't approach your breakup without a plan, thinking you can just wing it!

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In trying to get your ex back, don't be bitter. Don't place blame, don't re-hash old issues, and don't dig up old wounds. If you want to date your ex girlfriend again, you shouldn't be looking for an apology. You should be looking for joint solutions to existing problems, and a fresh new start together on a new foundation.
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