Breaking up was hard enough... but now you're seeing signs your ex might be thinking of giving you another chance. Maybe she's called you. Texted you. Mentioned you to friends.

Are these signs she wants you back? Or are you reading too much into things?

Does She Still Love Me

The last thing you want to do is get your hopes up when, in fact, there's still no indication your ex wants you back in her life just yet. At the same time though, the second-to-last thing you want is to ignore a sure thing.

There are signs, signals, and body language an ex girlfriend gives off when she may be looking to get back together. Learning to recognize these things will leave you in prime position to make the right moves, because you'll be making those moves at exactly the right time.

Biggest Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

There are several things a girl will do when she's thinking of dating you again. Whether she's shy or outgoing, quiet or loud as hell, each girl will act differently and each will go to different lengths to get you to notice these things. However, some of the signals are insidiously subtly.

Below is a list of things to look for:

Your Ex Girlfriend Calls or Texts You

This one is pretty obvious. If an ex is calling to talk to you, she's obviously got you on her mind. But don't get too excited just yet. There are innocent things she could be calling for, and first contact after a breakup doesn't necessarily mean she's ready to throw herself back in your arms.

If an ex girlfriend does contact you this way, learn how to handle it. Find out what to say, and what you absolutely must avoid saying at all costs. You could easily blow it here, if you don't know what to do.

Your Ex Tags You on Facebook

The Facebook tag is a lot more subtle than a phone call or direct text, but it means pretty much the same thing. Your former girlfriend is thinking of you. Somehow, someway, you got into her head, and the goal - if you want her back - is to keep yourself there.

No matter what you do, immediately responding is a bad idea. Waiting a day, or even two days before responding to the tag is just long enough to let her know you still think of her, but that you've got a life of your own, too. You want to seem busy. Not always available. The two worst things in the world you can do when trying to convince an ex to take you back is hang on her every word and be sitting there with phone in hand, like a lost little puppy dog.

A girl values attention... but she also wants a guy who has an active social life beyond hers. She wants to feel like her man has things in control. He's doing things, he's going places, and yeah, maybe he's taking her along with her. Neediness is a relationship-killer. Boredom too. Think of it this way: if YOU'RE bored? She's going to be bored too.

Your Ex Talks to a Friend About You

When a former-girlfriend starts talking about you to her friends, she's mulling over your past relationship. She's running the idea past her friends to get a gut reaction, to see how they feel about you. Remember, when you first broke up? Chances are good she badmouthed you... a LOT. So in order to want you back again, HER first step is to do some damage control within her own circle of friends.

Now if she's talking to YOUR friends about you, that's something different. It's also a pretty good sign she still loves you, or at least thinks about you in some kind of romantic way. A girl who's totally over the guy she once dated won't really mention him at all, and especially not to his friends. So all things considered, this is a pretty good sign.

Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to Hang Out

One of the biggest and last things a girl will do before reconcilation is ask if you want to do something. It could be the same old hanging out you did when you were together, or it could be something a lot more innocent - like lunch or coffee. Either way, she's definitely reconsidering your break up, so you'll need to know how to handle this very important situation.

The biggest piece of advice here? SLOW PLAY IT. You don't need to go fast at this point. As a matter of fact, the slower you take things the more you're sucking her in. Your girl is already interested, and she's expecting you to reciprocate. Imagine how much more interested she'll be when she's not 100% sure how much you want her back because you're not totally responding to her body language, flirting, or whatever.

There's no rush here. If your ex girlfriend wants to see you once, she wants to see you again. Moving too quickly could look desperate, and that's the nail in you relationship's coffin. You'll want to go slow, be nice, and maintain respect.

On the reunion date, you can also use these hotbutton triggers to make her feel like she did on your very FIRST date. This is where you not just make her want to get back together, but force her to see any potential relationship between you as something new and exciting rather than the 'same old stuff'.

What to Do if She Shows None of These Signs

If your ex hasn't called or contacted you, if she hasn't reached out on social media or through friends; at that point you've got to take other action. There are things you can be doing - seeds you can be planting - that will get your ex to miss you, call you, and eventually need and want you again.

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