So things are crusing along, everything is great, and suddenly she sits you down and whispers those four magical words:

"Let's just be friends..."

WHAM!     It hits you like a cinderblock falling out of the clear blue sky. Friends? FRIENDS? What the hell does that mean?

She Just Wants to Be Friends

The dreaded 'friend zone' is where many guys start out, and very few heroes escape. It's a crazy, twisted limbo of constant contact, yet never getting close to the girl you love. All the while, you're forced to watch as other guys take runs at her. In short, it absolutely sucks.

Now your situation is a little different. You've dated this girl. You've loved her, been with her, you've seen her naked. More crucial, she's loved you. Right away this puts you in a much different position than some guy who's trying to get with a girl for the first time. Right away, you have an advantage.

Yet with that said, you're also in a dangerous spot. Your girlfriend dumped you with a "let's be friends" clause. This means you're dangerously close to the friend zone - practically dangling over the precipice of nothingness. She's backed you up on the edge of the cliff. With just one more step, you're going to fall.

How to Avoid the Friend Zone After a Breakup

Before you take a single step forward in trying to get your girlfriend back, you'll need to know what steps NOT to take. Read that sentence again, because it's important.

In the first few days or weeks after a girl ends things with you, every single thing you do is magnified. Every last word you say, every text you send, every Facebook post you make... no matter how things went down, your exgirlfriend will be watching and judging you accordingly.

For example, these 12 horrific mistakes will destroy any chance you have of making her want you again. How many are you going to make? How many have you already made?

Remember: she saw you as a boyfriend once. She considered you romantically. She was attracted to you. Those things are still there, just beneath the surface of her feelings. They're just a few moves away, as long as you're making the RIGHT moves.

What She Means When She Says "Let's Be Friends"

Okay, time for some hard truths. When a girl tells you she wants to be 'just friends', she's honestly blowing you off. She doesn't want you right now. She isn't interested. She might even be looking in another direction, and is clearing the way for another guy. All of this is bad news, but there's some good news too.

The good part about the "being friends" thing is that your girlfriend isn't 100% ready to let go. At least not right now. She's asking to stay friends because a) she's letting you down easy, and also b) because she wants the door to your former relationship to remain open just in case she changes her mind.

Think about that. "Friends" keeps you close, but not too close. "Friends" lets her contact you and talk about things, but without any potential commitment. She gets the comfort of knowing you're not that far away, and that she can get you back any time she wants you. She also gets to see that you're still single and not dating anyone else, because you're still hung up on her (and yes, she KNOWS IT).

Magic of Making Up

Asking you to be friends with her is selfish. It's something that totally benefits her, while you have to sit back and watch as she re-enters the dating pool, knowing full well that you still love her.

In short, forget about being friends. It never works. It always hurts.

Best Way to Respond to Being Friends with Your Ex

Now, when your girlfriend tells you she only sees you as a friend, or says something like "I still want us to be friends", she'll cite a thousand reasons why you shouldn't break contact. Hell, you talk all the time on Facebook... you text on the phone all day long... surely there's some happy middle ground where you can still keep in touch even though you're not dating anymore, right?

Fuck no.

Your ex is making excuses for not having to break up with you fully. She wants to cut the cord 99%, but leave you dangling from that 1% tiny little thread. So what do you do? The answer's easy:

You cut the cord yourself. Happily.

Be sure to smile as you tell your ex you'd rather not remain friends. "That's okay," tell her. "You're right about the breakup... we're probably better off apart."

THUNK!    Hear that? That was the sound of your girlfriend's jaw hitting the floor.

Refusing to even consider staying friends after the breakup is a very powerful tool. It's also just one of five counter-rejection techniques. Learn what these are, because the more of these you can implement? The faster your ex girlfriend is going to RUN back to you!

What to Do if You're Already Friends with an Ex

Obviously you arrived at this website because you already have a problem. Maybe you already agreed to be friends with your ex. Maybe you're already enduring the hell of having to watch as she laughingly lives her life without you, while you sit at home in utter and complete misery.

So if you're already waist-deep in the friend zone? You'll need serious advice on how to get out of it. Even better, you'll want a complete, step-by-step plan telling you what to say, when to say it, and how to react when your plan starts working.

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