Meeting With Your Ex Girlfriend - What To Say and Do

When you're broken up, things between you and your ex can get awkward pretty fast. That's why seeing or meeting up with your ex girlfriend can be difficult... and you'll need help to make the reunion a success.

Meeting Your Ex

And when you still want your ex back? She knows it. This makes things even more weird between you, and increases whatever tension will already exist between the two of you.

So yes, meeting or seeing her will be hard for you. Yet at the same time, it's a very necessary step on the road to getting back together. A physical meeting always trumps the standard phone call or lowly text-message; nothing beats face to face contact while trying to resolve something - especially when it comes to fixing an unwanted breakup situation.

What do you say? How do you say it? What kinds of things will impress your ex most, and which topics should you avoid talking about?

Appearance, Appearance, Appearance

Well for one, before seeing your ex girlfriend you need to look AND feel your absolute best. Dress sharp. Smell nice. Hopefully you've worked on your physical appearance as well, because this can be a major selling point while trying to get your ex to go back out with you again.

The no-contact portion of your breakup is a great time to get back in shape, both mentally and physically. Exercise can help clear your head and put you in good mental position for talking to or seeing your ex girlfriend when the time is right. Make sure you're not sitting around at home, doing nothing, and thinking your breakup will somehow magically fix itself. To get her back, you'll need to be proactive about your entire lifestyle.

Confidence, Charisma, Command

In meeting with your ex girlfriend you need to be completely, utterly, and totally sure of yourself. Don't stutter, don't sweat, and don't be nervous in any way. Your ex will detect these things, and she'll know you're still not over the breakup. This gives her all the power over what happens next, and you sure don't want that.

Talk to your ex the same way you'd talk to any one of your friends. Be calm and confident. Be respectful and chill. Don't gush over seeing her for the first time since the breakup, and don't go overboard by telling her you miss her (or anything like that). Right now you need to maintain your composure and put forth an attractive YOU. You can't do any of that if you're looking weak, scared, desperate or nervous.

Fun, Excitement, and Pure Awesomeness

So what have you been doing since the breakup? EVERYTHING!

Make sure your ex girlfriend knows your life has been totally amazing since she broke up with you. She should get the impression that you've been active, busy, and utterly buried with doing tons of cool stuff that she's now missing out on.

You should be animated and excited when she asks what you've been up to. Yet at the same time, you should be somewhat laid back and reserved. You want your ex to see you as a guy who's surrounded by tons of friends and cool activities - a guy who's got lots and lots of stuff going on. This is what attracted her to you in the first place, and this will help get her back.

Total Indifference Toward The Breakup

Last but not least, you should remain totally indifferent when it comes to your past relationship together. You shouldn't be nostalgic about, or even discussing it at all. Because that first time you meet with your ex girlfriend the breakup - and your past history together - should be topics that are completely off limits.

It should be as if you care NOTHING about getting back with your ex girlfriend. Don't mention it, don't alude at it, and don't say a word about it. If your ex hints at reconciliation, blow it off (for now) as if you didn't even hear it. This will start to make her worried that maybe it's too late... maybe she can't get you back even if she wanted to.

When it comes to talking to an ex girlfriend, there's a lot to be said. But there's also a lot you shouldn't say. Learning the difference is a crucial part of getting back together and reversing your breakup, so make sure you know what you're doing before meeting up with her.

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