How To Your Ex Girlfriend Back - First Moves To Make

Many guys try it, and most of them fail: getting back together with an ex girlfriend after she breaks up with you. There's a lot to know about repairing a broken relationship, and a lot of big mistakes you could be making. If you're already trying to win back your girlfriend but nothing so far seems to be working? It's a good bet you've accidentally stepped off the path to reconciliation.

How to Get Girlfriend Back

Women want what they want. If your girlfriend has decided that she wants to break up with you, there's probably no changing her mind.

One of the biggest errors you'll make while learning how to get back with your ex girlfriend is to roll with the things she does, instead of trying to battle or fight with her on them.

Contrary to what other people will tell you, "fighting for your relationship" during ab unwanted breakup is actually a very, very bad idea.

Initial Reactions to Breaking Up

Getting back together again is NOT something your ex is looking for right after the break up. Approaching her with overwhelming amounts of pressure is the surest way to send her screaming in the opposite direction.

You'd be surprised at how many guys do this: they feel as if they can just talk to their ex, maybe sit down with them and explain how they really feel, that some kind of magical transformation will happy. I'm sorry to tell you that unless you're in a John Cusack movie, this simply doesn't happen. Your girlfriend isn't going to suddenly "understand everything", throw her arms around your neck, and start kissing you again.

The best thing you can do immediately after your ex breaks things off is to walk away. That's it. It's so simple, but it's so hard to do - and this is why most guys fail miserably at this stage of the reconciliation process.

And even if your romance already ended? There are detachment techniques you can use to draw her back, even if you think you missed your chance at walking away cleanly from the breakup.

But yes, most guys make the mistake of chasing after an ex girlfriend until she runs away. It's a shame too, because this is probably the most critical point in your break up. Your ex is watching your every move - yes, even if she was the one who broke things off - and she's judging you based on the things you do.

If you go out kicking and screaming and begging her to take you back? She'll lose respect for you instantly. This will kill your chances later on, when you really need that respect to win her over.

How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend NEED You Back

Making your ex want you again is also pretty simple: you need to stay away. Again, this isn't easy for most guys. If you've been talking to your girlfriend every day, emailing and text-messaging her, and generally contacting her whenever you felt like it... all that stuff has to stop as soon as she dumps you. There shouldn't be any residual contact that you have with your ex - not even to ask her when she wants to pick up her stuff. Phone calls, texts, and emails all end the very second your relationship does. There shouldn't even be any "innocent" contact either, because there's no such thing.

While the above no-contact rule seems fairly extreme, you have to realize something. People miss other people only after they've gone away.

Make Her Need You

Think about that for a second. When someone you haven't seen for a while comes back into your life, odds are good that you're really happy to see them. This is because you missed them. And if you want your girlfriend back, she needs to miss you too.

Dropping completely out of her life gives her some time to really see what her life will be like with you totally gone from it. This, in turn, will create loneliness. Loneliness leads to her thinking about you, and from there she'll start remembering all the good times you had together. Your ex will miss you big time, and this is when she's susceptible to contact again.

Learning how to get back with your ex girlfriend requires patience. It's not something for the faint of heart, or for people who need immediate gratification. If you're someone who gives in to knee-jerk reactions anytime you have to wait for something, you're probably in for a hard time. But if you're willing to look long term - and you can visualize a time where you and your girlfriend are back together again? You can start working on a plan to get to that point.

Other Things You Can Do To Get Her Back

In the meantime, while you're waiting? There are LOTS of ways you can make your ex girlfriend want you back - including some pretty cool techniques that will make her jealous without even realizing it. Learn what these are, as they can really speed up the process of winning her back.

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