You keep hearing how you CAN get your girlfriend back, as long as you're patient, make the right moves, and take the proper steps at the right times.

But what if she's not even talking to you?

Exgirlfriend won't talk to me

An ex girlfriend who refuses to talk to you might seem problematic. After all, how can you get her back if there's no communication between you?

In actuality however, any lack of contact coming afer the breakup is most likely a good thing. It gives time for the dust to settle, for the fighting to subside. It allows your ex the time to miss you, and it sets the stage for later on, when the two of you do reconnect.

Additionally, an ex girlfriend who won't talk to you is probably doing it for a reason. One of those reasons? It's easier to bury feelings rather than actually deal with them. This is simple, undeniable fact. It's also human nature.

Whatever your girlfriend may once have felt for you, like it or not, those feelings are still there. Only she's convinced herself she doesn't want them there, which is why she's holding her hands over her ears to anything you might be trying to say.

Why Silence is Golden... Sort of

Keep in mind that when a girl breaks up with you she's still looking over her shoulder. Even in the case where she dumped you for someone else, your exgirlfriend was still emotionally invested in your former relationship. She wants to see you feeling down, looking depressed, upset... all of these things bolster her confidence and reinforce her decision to break things off.

Her silence - and lack of contact - is basically her way of trying to move forward. At the same time though, she's glancing back. She may have friends that can keep her updated with your current situation, or she could be stalking you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media has made remaining silent and anonymous almost a thing of the past, which enables your ex to see you (and what you're doing) without actually SEEING you.

So your best bet? Removing yourself from all of those things. She won't talk to you? Fine. Don't talk to her... by not posting on Facebook. By not leaving updates on Twitter, and by not putting up photos on Instagram. At least not right now, when she's still interested in seeing how the break up affected you.

Later on? You'll use social media to make your ex girlfriend interested again in what you're doing. There are lots of ways to make her jealous, and you'll use those techniques to turn the no-contact situation around and finally get HER to chase YOU.

But like I said, that comes later.

Things That Will Make Her Want You Again

Cool. Confident. Desirable.

Those are the things that attracted you to your exgirlfriend in the first place. When she broke up with you, it's because she no longer saw you this way. This is one of the biggest things you need to fix, right away, if you want to get back with her again.

There are a lot of ways you can exude confidence, even when you're not in direct contact with your ex girlfriend. You don't need for her to call you, or text you, and you don't need to be in the same social media circles for her to realize one very important thing: that you're moving on just fine without her.

Magic of Making Up

Your ex doesn't need to know what you're doing, only how you're doing. Any information that gets back to her should be a report she doesn't want to hear. You should be out with friends, laughing your ass off, doing things that are fun - and especially, doing things that you never did with her. Maybe even things that you know will make her jealous, like going somewhere she always wanted to go.

In short, your ex needs to think that she's missing something. She needs to believe that maybe, just maybe, she let go of something that was good. Questioning the break up is one of the first things that will happen before your girlfriend contacts you again. And she may do something lame, like text you in order to get something insignificant back - like a book, or a movie - but make no mistake, if she's getting in touch with you for something that small and stupid, she's only doing it to hear your voice again.

What to Do if She Still Won't Contact You

In the end, if she's still not biting? Then you need to go to her. But you need to do it right. You need to do it gently. And most of all, you need to do it in such a way that you come off strong, confident, and independent.

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