Does Your Ex Still Love You? Knowing How She Feels

Your break up isn't permanent until your girlfriend lets go. Until then, she'll struggle with the feelings and emotional bonds formed during the relationship. These deep attachments may have her sitting on the fence, at least for a little while, deciding whether or not she wants to lose you for good.

Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me

Because of this, you have a small window of opportunity.

By playing upon the emotional attachments your ex girlfriend still feels toward you, there are ways of planting thoughts in her head that will lead to regret.

Play your cards right, and your ex will be thinking about your relationship long after the break up happens. She'll remember certain times you shared, fun things you did, and she'll re-live the good memories of your relationship while trying to rationalize her decision to break up with you.

All this, of course, is exactly what you want. These pangs of regret will shake her confidence, making your ex realize that she stands to lose something very significant and very cool if she continues to walk away.

Recognizing Signs That Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

There are many ways to tell if your ex girlfriend is still in love with you, as she'll generally give off certain signals. Some of them are obvious, and it's easy to see that she's not yet ready to let go. Other signs are more subconscious, and you'll need to interpret certain behaviors to know exactly what they mean.

With this in mind, it's important not to get your hopes up too quickly. When you're trying to get back your ex girlfriend, it's easy to jump to conclusions and accept false signs or signals that your ex still cares for you. In short, always be honest with yourself. This allows for you to make the best decisions.

Rule #8: There Will Always Be Signs When Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

The emotional bonds formed between two people don't just dissapear overnight. No matter how fast your breakup might've seemed, your ex spent a lot of time thinking about and rationalizing the end of your relationship. And although she finally came to a decision? Her feelings and emotions for you didn't just stop right there.

Knowing exactly how much your ex still cares can greatly help in your quest to get her back. It allows you to make the right moves at the right times... and this is critical to the process of winning her over.

The Biggest Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You:

She Stays In Touch With You After The Break Up

Consistent contact is a sure sign that your ex wants to keep you in her life. She's keeping in touch just to keep you around, because losing you completely doesn't appeal to her. Bonus points if she's initiating this contact, instead of just responding to your own attempts to get in touch with her.

If she was truly ready to let go, you wouldn't be hearing from your ex girlfriend at all. She wouldn't respond to emails, phone calls, text-messages, or any form of communication. After a few curt and polite responses, your ex would break ties with you altogether, in such a situation.

Now if your girlfriend has broken all contact, don't give up hope. There are methods you can use to correctly re-open the lines of communication, but you need to be very careful before executing them. The best opening moves can be found right here.

Your Ex Starts Asking Around About You

After a break up, there's usually a cooling off period. There's a time where the relationship has ended but many things still hang in limbo, and communication between you drops off completely.

Eventually, one of two things will happen. Either you'll drift apart in other directions, or your ex will start sniffing around to see where you're at. She'll ask friends, co-workers, or common acquaintances what you've been up to, and this is a sure sign that something has changed.

Whenever your ex beings asking about you, it's a good thing. She may not be ready to fully rekindle your romance, but she wants to know that the possibility is still there. Your ex needs to see whether or not you've moved on, so she can decide her next move... should she make one.

If this happens, it's important that you don't jump the gun. You shouldn't look too anxious or excited about the news that your ex girlfriend might be interested in you again. Maintain your composure, and keep an eye out for changes in the situation. This is the best way to retain your ex girlfriend's respect.

She Calls You For No Apparent Reason

Abruptly, from out of nowhere... your ex girlfriend calls you. So what does it mean?

Ex Girlfriend Calls You

Well for one, it means you're stuck in her head. Maybe she was bored, drunk or even just thinking about you... whatever the reason, she picked up the phone and dialed your number on impulse. And from there, the conversation probably got pretty weird.

An ex girlfriend who calls you out of the clear blue sky probably isn't thinking straight. Unless she had a very specific (and non-made up) reason for calling you, she's reaching out on many different levels. This is generally a great sign of interest. It means that she's not over you, and probably isn't over the relationship either.

Don't worry about what gets said during such a call. Don't push for answers, either. You should accept this type of phone call almost amusingly, and let your ex speak whatever is on her mind. When she wants to end it, tell her it was great to hear from her. Then hang up, and don't try to make too much sense over what just got said.

Your Ex Makes Sure You Know That She's Still Single

As your breakup wears on, the chances of getting your ex girlfriend back will either increase or decrease. In some cases, you'll feel her slipping away. To get her back, you'll need to employ some fast-working techniques designed to make her miss you, and get her to want you again.

In other cases, your ex will begin moving in the direction of reconciliation. Knowing all the little signs that your exgirlfriend is sweating you again will help in determining the best time to reconnect. One sure sign she's moving in that direction? When your ex goes out of her way to let you know that she's still available.

A girl looking to get back together with you will want you to notice her. If she's the one who broke things off, she might be too shy or feel too awkward to ask you out again. Her next move will be to let you know that she's available... and in many cases, she'll overly flaunt this little fact. Watch for signs that your ex is trying to tell you something, especially if she mentions how little attention she's gotten from guys lately, or that she hasn't dated anyone since the two of you broke up.

She Suddenly Wants To Meet Up With you

It's one of the strongest steps a girl will take when she still has feelings for you: asking to meet you somewhere. Whether she wants a cup of coffee or just wants to talk, whenever an ex asks to physically see you it means she has something to say that just couldn't be done over the phone.

Meet Ex Girlfriend For Lunch

You need to approach this type of scenario with caution. Jumping the gun too soon can send your ex running away again, and you don't want that.

Just because she's asked to see you doesn't necessarily mean your girlfriend wants to get back together, so don't take it as such. You need to move slowly here, and find out exactly what's going through her head.

That said, an ex who wants to meet up with you is showing sure signs of interest, and this is an overall good indication that she's missing you on some very hardcore levels.

What If Your Ex No Longer Shows Signs of Interest?

Sometimes, your girlfriend may be so far removed from the relationship that you don't know what the hell she's feeling. Maybe she withdrew to avoid seeing you or facing the end of the relationship, or perhaps she's just busy with other pursuits.

Either way, you need to regain her attention. Reconnecting in some way becomes top priority here, but more important than anything else you must do it correctly.

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