Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings For You

Girls are hard to read when you're dating them. But when you break up? The job becomes even harder. How your ex treats you after the breakup can often determine whether or not she's still interested in you.

Signs She Wants You Back

There are signs and signals most girls give off when they're still in love with you, and to help accelerate the process of getting back together you need to know what they are.

After a girl dumps them, most guys do the same thing. First, they try to get their girlfriend to change her mind. When that fails, they start writing out a bullet-pointed list of why the two of them should still be together, based on the past.

They even present their arguments logically, like a lawyer arguing a case. When that doesn't work they resort to telling their ex how much they love and need them, start recalling the good times they had together, and maybe even drop off a Hallmark card or two. Finally, with all other avenues exhausted, the start begging and pleading... a sad, depressing sight that sends their ex girlfriend's level of respect plummeting downward.

Winning Her Back - It's as Hard as You Make It

Getting your girlfriend back is a lot easier than most people would have you think. It involves a series of planned-out steps in which you need to be very proactive. But more importantly? It also involves NOT doing a whole bunch of really stupid things. And the more of these things you can stop yourself from doing? The easier it will be to get your ex back.

But before making a move, most guys all ask the same question: What are the signs that my ex girlfriend wants me back to begin with?

During a break up, it's easy to feel hopeless and depressed about the situation. Positive reinforcement always helps. For this reason alone, you'll need to know when all your efforts are finally paying off.

Maybe you've already started on reversal techniques, and you're looking to visualize the signs and signals given off when your exgirlfriend wants you again. Many of these signs are easy to spot - but some are a lot more hidden. Finding out how your ex feels about you is actually an important part of getting her back.

Your Ex Girlfriend Calls or Texts You

Does your ex call you? If so, this is a tremendous sign. Anytime you break up yet your exgirlfriend makes an effort to keep contact with you, it shows that she's not fully over dating you just yet.

Maybe she wants a break, or maybe she's just taking some time off. But in the meantime, your ex girlfriend doesn't want you to go anywhere. She wants to keep you close by, where she can keep an eye on you, and to do this she'll leave all the lines of communication wide open.

Magic of Making Up

An ex who stays in touch after breaking up with you is looking for a reason to get back together with you again. Doing the right things, at the right times, can make her choice a lot easier.

She Still Talks to Your Friends

Another sign that your ex wants you back: asking her friends about you. If your ex really wanted to walk away from your romance, she wouldn't care anything about what you're doing. The fact that she's asking about you is a big giveaway when it comes to her true feelings. She may even be trying to see if you're dating someone else, or if you had another girlfriend in mind. This is her way of keeping the door to the relationship open, in case she wants to start it back up.

Your Ex Drunk Dials You In the Middle of the Night

Drunk dialing is also a big indication that you're stuck on your exgirlfriend's mind. When people get drunk they tend to drop their inhibitions before anything else; in doing so, your ex's innermost desires are manifested in the form of her calling you up. What she says on the phone to you doesn't matter as much as the fact that she called or text-messaged you to begin with. It shows that underneath her sober exterior, in a moment of weakness, your ex revealed what's really on her mind: you.

Face to Face - Your Ex Stops by to See You

What are the signs that my ex girlfriend wants me back? Any form of physical, face-to-face contact could easily be construed as intentional. Your ex dated you and knows your schedule. So if she happens to "bump into" you at the mall, or at school, work, or even just shows up at your house? It means she couldn't stay away. Your ex girlfriend had the physical need to see your face, which superceded her need to call or text or email you.

This is HUGE. It shows that she's missing you even more than normal. If you want your girlfriend back, make sure you give her the green light here by not questioning why she's suddenly at your doorstep. Instead, smile broadly and tell her it's good to see her again. Don't press or push things - take it slow. Let her tell you the reason she stopped by, but don't ask for one if she happens not to.

Getting an ex to want you back is simple: let her chase you. By removing yourself from your ex's life, she gets a good taste of not having you around anymore. When this happens, your girlfriend begins missing you. From there, meeting up with your ex is only a matter of time.

But if you're having trouble getting your ex to come after you? There are a lot of great methods and techniques you can make use of, all designed to get her to want you again. Only by creating a step-by-step plan for success can you maximize your chances when it comes to winning her heart back.

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