Making Your Ex Girlfriend Need You Back In Her Life

While every break up is different, you'll never win back an ex girlfriend until one tremendously important thing happens: she needs you again. Until this occurs, you and your girlfriend will always remain apart.

Luckily, you've got one really big thing going for you right now:

Rule #3: Your Girlfriend Is Still Thinking About You
Even After The Break Up

Make Exgirlfriend Miss You

Believe it or not, your girlfriend began missing your relationship even before she broke up with you. The minute she decided to end things was the minute she began adjusting to what her life would soon be like... without you in it.

This gave her a distinct advantage you didn't have. Essentially, your ex got a big head start in getting over the relationship. This may be why she can often seem so cold and clinical about the break up, or even emotionally detached from the situation: she's had a lot more time to face it than you have.

Even so, the very act of breaking up is always a loss. There's always a window of regret and remorse, during which both parties mourn the loss of each other. Trust me when I say your ex girlfriend misses you. But also trust me when I say this: initially at least, she'll never show it.

To preserve her decision, your ex will avoid you during this crucial time. She'll stay as far removed from you as possible, because she wants the breakup to 'stick'.

For this reason, you need to take full advantage of that small window of opportunity before it closes. While your ex still misses you, there are two different paths you can take... but only one of them leads to you getting your girlfriend back.

Path One - The Wrong Way

The more common approach here is to chase after your ex. Some guys, desperate for contact, will hunt an ex girlfriend down. This leads to immediate resentment, unnecessary fighting, and awkward feelings of being avoided or rejected.

It can also cause a huge rift between you and your ex, because guess what? Your girlfriend doesn't want to be talked out of her decision to end things. Right now - whether she misses you or not - all your ex wants is to be left alone.

Path Two - The Right Way

Once again, the better approach - the one that will make her want you again - is also the exact opposite approach to take: Walking away while your ex still misses you.

This leads us to one of the most important of all breakup mantras:

Rule #4: Your Girlfriend Won't Really Start Missing You Until You Finally Go Away

It's one of the most common misconceptions: out of sight, out of mind. After your girlfriend breaks things off, you might feel as if the less contact you have with her... the easier it will be for her to forget you.

Ex Girlfriend Misses You

In truth however, you couldn't be more wrong.

There's one simple thing your girlfriend takes for granted by breaking up with you: the fact that you still love her. In fact, she expects you to chase her. Her ego relies on it. It's human nature to want to be loved, and your girlfriend is no exception.

Any time you pursue your girlfriend, it allows her to experience something very important to her overall breakup agenda: gradual detachment.

In short, this means she gets to let go of the relationship at completely her own pace. Knowing that you love her, long for her, and would take her back at the drop of a hat? It's all very comforting to your ex girlfriend.

Looking back over her shoulder, your ex is expecting to see you 'around'. She knows you'll make that phone call, or send that lonely text-message. She anticipates an email or two, no matter how innocent they might seem, and she might even expect to see you in the same social circles.

All of this allows your ex girlfriend to let go of your relationship gradually. She doesn't have to miss you all at once, and gets the benefit of letting you go little by little.

Withdrawing To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

If you really want to win your ex back, your first move is to take a tremendous step backwards. Why? Because withdrawal is the last thing she expects right now, and that's exactly why it works so well.

Additionally, it's also the last thing she emotionally wants.

By NOT calling, texting, or emailing your ex girlfriend, you're going to quickly make her very curious. The less she knows about your situation, the more she'll be dying to know exactly what you're up to.

Through total silence, your ex will actually feel rejection - very much the same type of rejection you felt when she dumped you.

"How come he hasn't called? Is he over me already?"

Or even better...

"Was he over me before I even broke up with him?"

Once your ex starts thinking this way, doubts begin creeping in. Not only does she wonder what you're doing, but the complete lack of attention on your part will also have her wondering if maybe she made a big mistake.

But staying away from your ex girlfriend and avoiding all contact has another important benefit: your ex will start to miss you.

Make Ex Girlfriend Want You

Let's think about that for a minute.

Instead of lingering around, you took yourself away from her all at once. Instead of trying to "be friends" with your ex girlfriend, you disappeared from her life entirely.

And by making sure it happened instanteously and not gradually over a longer period of time? You never gave your ex the chance to get used to the idea of letting you go. In essence, you ripped yourself away from the relationship before she could begin to process the breakup.

Your goal should be to make your girlfriend CRAZY with not knowing where you are, what you're doing, or why you haven't even tried to save the relationship. Her confidence in breaking up with you will be shattered by the fact that you haven't come chasing after her, as she expected.

Removing yourself totally and completely from your ex's life is a fantastic technique for making your girlfriend miss you. Without the comfort of knowing you're still there, your ex will begin thinking a lot about your past relationship... and whether or not she'd rather have you back.

This method is called removing the safety net. And if you're strong enough to pull it off, it works almost every single time.

Other Techniques For Getting Your Ex To Need You Again

While the no contact approach is a necessary part of turning your ex girlfriend around, there are other methods you can use to accelerate the process of making her miss and want you in her life again.

The emotional bonds your ex for you while you were dating don't just go away the moment she breaks things off, and if you know just the right way to approach things, you can actually play upon her past feelings and need to have you around.

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By learning exactly what's going through your ex's mind immediately after she breaks up with you, you can start creating a void in her life where you used to be. Filling that void with unwanted contact, phone calls, emails, or text-messages is always going to be a huge mistake.

Next, let's talk about the many ways to Accelerate the Reconcilation Process.

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