She wanted you. She needed you. Then she... dumped you?

Ending a relationship is hard, but it especially sucks when you're the one on the receiving end of the breakup.

But are there ways to turn things around? Things you can do that will not only put your girlfriend back in your arms, but actually MAKE her want you as much as she did in the beginning of the relationship?

Make Her Want Me Back

Of course there are.

When your girlfriend first fell for you, she was overwhelmed with a whole host of feelings. You were attractive, inside and out. You were desirable. She wanted to be with you so much that she gave up everyone else and became your sole love-interest, your girlfriend.

At the same time, you felt those things for her. The beginning of your relationship was a mystical, magical time filled with always being together and tons and tons (and tons) of really great sex.

Want that stuff again? So does your ex girlfriend. But for right now, at least, she's convinced she doesn't want that stuff with you.

Instilling Desire in Your Ex Girlfriend Again

Your biggest hurdle in getting back together again is making her see you as you were. This isn't something you can do with words, either. No amount of telling your ex you love her, or trying to desperately remind her of all the great times you've had together, is going to make her want you again. All of that will only accomplish one thing: making you look desperate.

You can't 'promise' to show someone you love them. You can't promise that things will be different. Only by showing someone will you make them feel those things again, which is why being broken up is so difficult; how can you show your ex these things if she wants nothing to do with you?

This is where emotional reconnection techniques come in.

In short, there are certain triggers and emotional hot buttons that, once pressed, will REMIND your ex of how magnificent things once were. The best part is this; you're not the one doing the reminding. You're only planting the seeds, and as the seeds grow, they do all the work.

This is highly important because your ex isn't looking to be around you right now. Chances are she wants to be left alone, "given some space", or has even told you that you're pushing her away. If this is the case, you've already tried too hard. You've already made some of the bigger mistakes that can prevent you from reversing the break up.

But even if you've done those things, all isn't lost.

Things Your Ex is Looking For After the Breakup

In breaking up with you, your girlfriend wants to see you hurt (even if she says she doesn't). She wants to see you uncomfortable. She wants to see you crying your eyes out because you miss her, because all those things are going to stroke her own ego.

Giving her a bigger ego isn't going to get her back. In fact, it's going to drive her away even faster.

This is why desperation ALWAYS fails. This is why pity only serves to make your girl see you as weak, lame, and a total throwaway when it comes to a potential boyfriend. Do these things and she'll start wondering why she ever dated you in the first place.

Now, let's talk about what your girl DOESN'T want to see from you:





Those are the things that'll make your ex hesitate. They'll shake HER confidence. They'll make her start to wonder if breaking up was a good idea, because here's a guy who not only doesn't seem to care that he got dumped, it almost looks like he's better off since she left!

Appearing to move on... having a great time without her... these are just some of the things that will make you attractive again in her eyes. The full list can be found here


Learning the Steps Necessary to Get Her Back

I want you to think about the first time you had sex. Were you good at it? You probably sucked, to be honest. And hey, that's okay. You'd never done it before, and since then, you've had lots of time to practice.

Now think about the process of getting an ex girlfriend back. Know what you're doing? Probably not. But you're going to 'wing it', just like you did the first time you had sex, and you're going to hope for the best. Only this time, the penalty for failure isn't as simple as a quick orgasm. The penalty for failure is painful, because you might lose your girl forever.

Okay, maybe that's a shitty analogy. But if it sounds like I'm trying to scare you... I am. Operating without a plan is one of the most damaging things you can do while trying to convince an ex girlfriend to give you another shot. Especially early on, right after she breaks up with you. Those first few days are when you can make the most critical - and sometimes irreversible - blunders.

Long story short: you wouldn't drive without a driver's license (hopefully) and you wouldn't fly a plane without a pilot's license (definitely). So why try to win back an ex girlfriend without knowing EXACTLY how to do it?

The guide below contains a full-blown master plan for reversing ANY break up. It shows you what to say, when to say it, and how you can twist your current situation back around so that your ex girlfriend starts needing and wanting you again.

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