6 Instant Adjustments That Will Make Her Want You Again

Remember all those things that made your girl fall in love with you? You'd better.

By using those same tactics, and creating those original sparks? You can recapture the early magic of your relationship and become that guy your girlfriend just couldn't resist... all those months or years ago.

Get Ex To Want You

During any relationship, changes are bound to happen. As you grew closer you also grew accustomed to being with each other, and you may have even started taking your girlfriend for granted.

In time, the way you treated each other changed.

But remember the beginning? How amazing it was to simply be around each other? Remember how much your girlfriend admired you, and how much you looked forward to seeing and being with her every single day?

Of course you do... and so does she. Which is why this next part is so important:

Rule #12: Winning Your Girlfriend Back Requires That You Recapture Those Original Sparks

When you can re-create the guy your ex fell in love with, she's going to turn around and notice you again. The nostalgia of seeing you this way will bring her back to old times - better times - when the two of you shared all kinds of great feelings, emotions, and indestructible love for each other.

Bringing Your Romance Back To The Way It Used To Be

Right now your ex broke up with you, and it might seem like you'll never get back together. Yet instead of concentrating on the negative, you need to be focusing on what you can do to improve the current situation. Eventually, you'll make specific moves toward winning your girlfriend back. And when you do, you'll need to have created an atmosphere that will make your ex want to date you again.

Winning Your Ex Back

How do you do that? Simple. You do it by going back. You do it by re-creating the very origins of your romantic relationship.

Close your eyes for a second and picture the first time you saw your ex girlfriend. Remember your first date, the first time you were initimate, and the first time you told her that you loved her.

Don't just remember the moments, either. Try to recall the actual feelings you had for your girlfriend. Remember when she could do no wrong? Remember how patient you were with her, and how much praise you used to give your girlfriend over the slightest little victory?

These were the things that made her love you. In the beginning, you probably treated her different. Maybe even a lot different, and this somehow changed over time without you even realizing it. But by resetting your attitude and emotions back to the way they were when you first started dating? You can create a world in which your ex will appreciate and love you again, because she'll be feeling the same things.

And how do you let your ex know you've changed certain attitudes? In the best way possible: by using the reconnection techniques found here.

Other Fast Changes You Can Make To Get Your Ex Back

When your girlfriend broke up with you, she seized a lot of control over your situation. So right now, the only thing you can really control are your own actions.

That said, it's time to get moving. While you're waiting out the no contact portion of your break up, there are a number of positive changes that you can make.

The following 6 male behaviors are always desirable, and they can greatly help speed up the process of getting back your ex girlfriend:

Staying Confident

Ask any girl what personality trait she likes best in a guy, and the answer is overwhelmingly the same: confidence. Men who are confident and strong in their approach to life are always more successful - and more desirable - than those who don't grab the bull by the horns.

Yes, you got dumped. Big deal. You need to realize that it happens to everyone; even the best and smoothest of guys out there get dumped at one time or another. Don't let the end of your relationship be the end of your confidence, because a complete lack of this personality trait is always a big turnoff in women.

By staying strong and confident even in the face of your breakup, you're showing your ex that losing her is no big deal. This will shake her own confidence in the decision to let you go, ultimately leading to the inevitable end game: your ex girlfriend suddenly realizing her mistake, and wanting you back.

Not Fighting Over Stuff That Doesn't Matter

You see it time and time again... couples who break up over insignificant bullshit that, in the grand scheme of things, really doesn't matter. From jealous insecurities to immature high school quarrels, there's a certain level of resentment that builds up just from the fighting itself, and not from the actual cause of the original argument.

Just as you like your relationship kept simple, your girlfriend seeks the same simplicity and peace. Turn over a new leaf by not fighting at every little opportunity. During the reconciliation phase of your makeup, your girlfriend will appreciate you making these changes for the future of your relationship.

Refusing To Play Games

It's fun, it's funny, and it's a form of amusement: bickering back and forth with your girlfriend over who's right and wrong. The problem is it leads to BIG resentment and a huge rift between you and your girl, all over the stupidest of crap.

Fighting With Ex Girlfriend

Playing games usually leads to conflict, which almost always degenerates into needless fighting. What begins as playful arguing ends up as a heated battle, verbal combat, and one person resenting the other.

If you have something you want to say, don't dance around the subject or play games with it. Just say it... because you'd certainly want the same thing when it came to your girl.

One thing that always draws couples closer together is when they work as a team. Instead of seeing your girlfriend's successes and failures as a type of competition (that as a guy, you need to win), try to imagine the two of you as a single entity: fighting against the world. As a team you should succeed together. This will bring you closer, and form tighter emotional bonds.

Eliminating Unnecessary Jealousy

As guys, we're naturally protective of the girls we date. Sometimes though, things can get a little out of hand. If your girlfriend has accused you of being overly jealous, you might be overprotective to the point where you're smothering her. Do this long enough, and you're suffocating your relationship without even realizing it.

Try to understand that your girlfriend has a life of her own. Going out with friends, doing fun things... these things are healthy for both you and her. If your girl needs a night out without you, it should go without saying that she has one. If she has to somehow ask your permission first? You're probably in a bad situation.

Be honest in examining yourself and letting go of unnecessary jealousy. By establishing the fact that you recognize the problem and are making this change? Your ex girlfriend will be extremely happy to hear about it when considering going back out with you.

In some cases, jealousy can also be used to get your ex's attention. Be sure to check out making your ex girlfriend jealous in order to get her back!

Having a Life of Your Own

Know what's really attractive? Having a social life. Going out with friends, doing fun things, taking trips and having a great time... all of these things make a guy very attractive, and they might even be a big part of what got your ex girlfriend hooked to you in the first place.

Making Ex Want You

Over time, it's easy to become lax. Maybe you didn't go out as much or do as many things. Some couples even get so dependent upon each other, they forsake their friends without even realizing it.

Before you know it, it's just the two of you... and then your girlfriend breaks up with you, leaving you sad and alone. You don't even remember how to have fun by yourself, because it's been so long.

To win your ex back, you need to show a renewed level of independence. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself, waiting for her to come back. The more you get out, see things, hang with friends, and generally have a great social life? The more attractive you once again make yourself to your ex girlfriend. You want her to see that by breaking things off, she's really missing out on something.

Being Genuinely Happy

In the end, dating someone should be fun. Being happy is totally contageous: you're always going to have a good time, and you're going to make friends wherever you go. These traits are highly attractive, and they're also why your ex started seeing you in the first place - because she thought you'd be fun to hang out with.

Take a good look at yourself since the break up. Are you still fun? Or are you moping around, doomed and depressed? If you're not happy, odds are pretty good that your ex girlfriend will sense it. This won't help at all in your quest to get her back.

If you're still wallowing in the remains of your pity party, it's time to stop. Rise above the situation. Get out and do something that will make you happy, no matter what it is. And once you have a positive attitude? Try to ride the wave and keep it going. You'll find out pretty soon that happiness begets more happiness, and it's also a great way to get your ex to notice you again in a good light.

Other Ways of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend's Attention

To win your girlfriend back, she should see the renewal of your relationship as something thrilling and cool... not as falling back into something dull and repetitive.

If you're having trouble getting your girlfriend to turn her head in your direction, you might need some additional techniques. Check out these three things that will make your ex want you again, regardless of how long it's been since the breakup occurred.

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