Can Jealousy Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back?

Looking for something to jumpstart your ex girlfriend's interest in you?

Jealousy is an effective tool. Used correctly, it can generate newfound attention and speed things up along on the path to winning your girlfriend back.

Jealous Ex Girlfriend

That said, you need to be extremely careful when trying to make your ex jealous. Use too much of it and you could easily screw up your chances. Use it at the wrong time, and you could even push your ex away.

For this reason, jealousy must be used sparingly, and at just the right moments, or not used at all.

It's also very important to employ jealousy in such a way that it doesn't look like you're trying to make your ex girlfriend jealous (even when you are). If your ex senses that you're using jealousy as a crowbar to pry your way back into her life, she's going to be monumentally pissed. Additionally, she'll mark you as pretty desperate - a stigma you definitely need to avoid while trying to win her back.

Cautionary measures aside, the following rule holds true:

Rule #13: Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous And She Will Always Turn Her Attention Back Upon You

The long and short of it is this: jealousy works.

Your ex would much rather see you miserable and depressed than active and successful, and she certainly doesn't want to see start dating someone else. Why? Because these things would mark you as successful, making her feel like a failure.

When it looks as if you moved on before your ex girlfriend could? She'll be upset with herself for letting you go. Even if she still doesn't want you back just yet, your ex also doesn't want to see you moving forward without her. Jealousy will take over, and it will make her question whether or not you were something worth keeping.

There are many ways to make your ex girlfriend jealous. Learning which ones are right for your particular situation can be a key part of reversing your breakup.

Constructive Jealousy vs. Destructive Jealousy

When it comes to making your ex envious of your current situation, you need to be very careful. There's good jealousy and bad jealousy: one will help improve your situation, while the other will sabotage your chances by pushing your ex further away than she was before.

Destructive Jealousy

In being dumped, it's very easy to be bitter about the breakup... in which case you may be looking for some level of revenge. This type of destructive jealousy is a bad idea, especially if you ever want to date your exgirlfriend again.

Make Ex Girlfriend Jealous

The opportunity to make your ex jealous might come with intense satisfaction or justification on your part. It would be easy to rub your success in her face, causing bad blood between you.

Yet as satisfying as it might be to see your ex on the receiving end of some bad feelings, you also need to keep the end goal in mind. Ultimately you want to win her back - not break her down and make her feel so badly she wants nothing to do with you.

Therefore, you want to avoid any jealous scenario geared toward making your ex angry. For example, you can't start dating or flirting with her friends. Not only would this be counterproductive to getting her back, it would also cause irrepairable damage to any new relationship you're trying to form with your ex girlfriend.

Additionally, the application of revenge jealousy breeds more of the same. Your ex will go out and do even more to make you jealous, including some things you might not forgive her for. Jealousy used in a destructive way will only push you and your ex girlfriend apart, so keep that in mind.

Constructive Jealousy

This type of approach includes methods that make your ex envious of you indirectly. In this case she'll be more likely to take these jealous feelings seriously, since in her mind they'll be derived directly from her own thoughts.

Improving yourself - and your situation - is a great way to make your exgirlfriend feel jealous the next time she sees you. Whether it's losing weight, packing on some muscle, or just plain succeeding at something you've been trying to do for a while, the fact that you did these things without her will nag away at ex girlfriend.

Another way to grab her attention? By having a blast. By going out and doing your own thing rather than sitting at home mourning the breakup, your ex will get the impression that you no longer care. Instead of chasing after her, you're actually out with friends having more fun without her. This alone drives girls crazy more than virtually anything else you could do.

Dating Another Girl To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous

Dating other people during the break... should you, or shouldn't you?

In most situations, a guy trying to get his ex girlfriend back won't consider dating someone else. The biggest fear here is that once your ex sees that you've apparently moved on, she won't consider dating you again and will no longer want you back. In short, you become tainted goods.

Dating To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous

Like many other breakup philosophies however, this thought process is backward. Because when it comes to an unwanted breakup, nothing will turn your ex girlfriend's head around faster (and make her more jealous) than seeing you with another girl.

Going out with and seeing other people is actually a very good thing. It shows your ex that you're not waiting around or chasing her. You've moved on, and you've initiated a new life without her. This will put your ex in a pretty sad place, regardless of how one-sided your breakup may have seemed.

Dating other girls also shows your ex that you're very desirable, and that people other than her can be interested in you. On top of that, it's a confidence booster for you to be getting back on the proverbial horse.

When your ex girlfriend sees you dating someone else, any emotional bonds she still feels for you will be intensified. Lingering thoughts in her head about the possibilities of getting back together will take on meaning, and there will be a new sense of urgency to her decision-making process.

During this time, there are also a variety of signs your ex girlfriend still loves you. Be sure to look for them, because when your ex is jealous these signs will be a lot more prominent.

Seeing Other Girls When You Still Want Your Ex Back

First and foremost, when considering jumping back on the horse? Don't just pick the first girl you see. You need to like this girl and actually want to spend some time with her, in order for these jealous tactics to be effective. If you're only going through the motions with someone you really don't care for, your ex girlfriend will pick up on it. Girls can sense that type of stuff in a heartbeat.

And while dating this new person? Don't do it for the sole reason of making your ex jealous. Do it because you like this girl, and you want to have fun. Do it so that you can get back out there, and get your mind off your break up. And who knows? You may even meet someone you fall in love with, which wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

Finally, try not to lead someone on. If you're still hung up over your ex girlfriend, don't allow your new relationship to get too serious. It's kind of shitty to be using someone just as a tool to get back together with someone else. Be honest with yourself, and with the person you're taking out.

Other Ways Of Using Jealousy To Win Your Girlfriend Back

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