What If My Girlfriend Wants a Break?

Dealing with a break up is one thing, but what if your girlfriend thinks you need "a break" from each other? Are you broken up or not? What exactly does she mean, and when will you get back together again?

Relationship Break

If you want to prevent your break from becoming a break up, you'll need to know exactly what to do. Learn how to turn your girlfriend's whole way of thinking around, and make her want you back.

Taking a break is great when you're working, exercising, or playing sports. But in a relationship? A break is usually a sign of bad things to come.

If your girlfriend has asked that the two of you take a break from your relationship, it probably came from out of left field. Don't worry however, because this is common. She's been thinking about things for a while now, but hasn't figured out a way to approach you to resolve them. And she's also not entirely sure of what she wants to do.

The Good Thing About Her Wanting To Take a Break

There's good news, however. The fact that your girlfriend wants a break and not a breakup means that she still values your relationship. She still has feelings for you, and is trying to decide if those feelings are strong enough to continue dating you, of if she'd like to move on and perhaps date other people. The fact that she hasn't broken things off is a good sign that your girlfriend still loves you.

That being said, you also need to face facts. Some of the time, when a girl asks for a break it's because she has someone else in mind. Either she wants to date another guy or she may have already been seeing him and cheating on you behind your back without you knowing about it.

Don't jump to conclusions or fear the worst, but definitely open an eye to the possibility and try to determine if there's a new man in your girlfriend's life - maybe someone from work or school - that she seems to have been talking a lot about lately.

Changing Your Relationship For the Better

There's also the possibility she just wants change to occur within your relationship. Maybe she's bored, restless, feels neglected, or is generally unhappy with the way you're treating her. This is easily fixable, and that's something you can begin working toward once you identify the problem. Getting to the point where she actually tells you what's wrong isn't always easy, which is why you need to be very careful with how you handle the situation when your girlfriend wants a break.

Understanding her intentions is great, but in order to keep your break from becoming a breakup you have to turn around her whole way of thinking. Reversing your ex's decision requires some very unique methods that most guys never even think of trying.

There are moves that can actually stop the break from happening if you execute them right away during the process. And if your break already happened? You'll need to learn which techniques will put you back into a position of power, where you can seize control over the relationship again.

Seizing Back Control When She Wants Time Apart

Most guys don't realize something: the decision to break off a relationship is very hard for a girl. Your girlfriend would rather not have that responsibility. If you leave her with the control, she has no choice but to make a decision... and that decision might not be something you're happy with. But when you take that power away from her and seize control of what happens next? Your girlfriend will actually welcome it. She'll be relieved that you've assumed the alpha role, and she'll be anxious to see what you do with it.

Here's where you'll be able to find out what's wrong... and then fix it. The changes your girlfriend thinks need to be made to the relationship were the root cause of her wanting a break. By getting her to reveal these to you on an honest level, and by making a genuine effort to fix them, you can not only stop your break up from happening but actually strengthen the future of your relationship together.

Magic of Making Up

You can't make changes to your relationship while you're nothing but an ex-boyfriend. This is why you need to prevent your break up, assume control, and then make those changes while you're boyfriend and girlfriend.

"So what if my girlfriend wants a break? What do I do first?"

Your opening moves are probably the most crucial part of preventing your break from becoming a break up. The first reaction she gets from you after announcing the break will set the tone for the entire rest of the scenario.

Breakup First Moves

Begging, pleading, or trying to talk your ex out of her decision is never the answer. Realize right from the beginning that reversing her thinking is the most important aspect of getting your girlfriend back, and to do that you need to map out a step by step plan.

To make things right, you need to take a series of small steps instead of a bunch of really big ones. Your girlfriend will react negatively to big, huge steps - she'll withdraw from your ideas and won't be receptive to anything you say.

But by taking small steps forward? She won't be so likely to balk at the idea of communicating with you. There are techniques you can use that will open her up, and make her feel as if getting back together is her own idea, not yours.

If your relationship is in jeopardy, you don't want to fool around. Making the wrong moves right off the bat could cost you any chance of reconciliation. Likewise, you can't just sit around hoping your ex reverses her decision, or that things will magically fix themselves. To prevent your break up from happening you have to be proactive, and begin working toward fixing things as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to convince her otherwise.

There are certain reversal techniques necessary to winning your girlfriend back, so find out what they are! Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it is a crucial part of stopping your break up and putting your relationship back on track.

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