Want Her Back Fast? Time to Get Moving NOW, Not Later

Does every single minute that goes by on the clock seem like an hour?

Get Girlfriend Back Fast

Does every day without your girlfriend seem like a whole week of pain and anxiety?

That's because when it comes to a breakup, everything moves in slow motion. When getting your girlfriend back is all that matters, it's easy to become fixated on that one single goal. Before you know it, the entire rest of your world comes to a grinding, screeching halt.

Unfortunately, this is where most guys look for quick fixes and easy outs. They'll do anything and everything to bring the breakup to a fast end. They get jumpy, and they start doing really stupid things. And that's when they break the next rule:

Rule #5: Never Take Action Just For The Sake Of
"Doing Something"

Just because YOU think time is moving slow right now, that doesn't mean it is. Making moves just for the sake of taking action will always lead to bad results.

The biggest mistake you can make after getting dumped is trying to move too fast.

The second biggest mistake? Not making any moves at all. More on that in a minute.

Right now however, your girlfriend probably isn't going anywhere. Chances are good she's looking to steer clear of dating for a while, meaning she'll hang out with friends, go out with her family, and generally try to get her own mind off the break up.

If your girlfriend did have some other guy in mind, you have a different problem. Luckily, there are ways of getting your ex girlfriend back from someone else.

If this isn't the case however, you don't have much to worry about in the days and weeks immediately following your breakup. And for this reason, you must CHILL.

By allowing your ex girlfriend complete freedom and lots of room to breathe, you're giving your relationship the best possible chances for reconcilation. The worst thing you can do right now is continually try to slap band-aids your already-broken relationship. Once your ex sees you doing this, she's going to immediately identify your actions as lame and desperate.

No Contact Rule

See this guy right here? →

He has absolutely NO SHOT of ever getting his ex girlfriend back.

It's the most typical situation: a guy thinking he can somehow talk his girlfriend 'out' of the break up. When this doesn't work his calls get more and more desperate, until eventually he's reduced to begging, pleading and crying.

Then one day his ex stops answering the phone. And you know what happens next?

Flowers. Cards. Heartfelt, 10-page love letters left on the windshield of his ex girlfriend's car in hopes of making her somehow see things differently.

All of these actions are PATHETIC. Worst of all, any exgirlfriend will see them this way. Before you can even think about contacting your ex again, you'll first need to do one tremendously important thing: let go of the relationship.

Not Fighting The Breakup - Taking Your Ex Girlfriend's Side

How many fights have you and your girlfriend had over the course of your relationship? Ready for one more?

In trying to talk your ex out of breaking up with you, you're esentially fighting with her one last time. You're reminding her of exactly why she wants to end things: the two of you just don't see eye to eye.

Like it or not, the ideal situation right now is for you to be on your girlfriend's side. This means letting go of the idea that you can somehow save things, and agreeing with her decision to go your separate ways.

"Yeah, you know what? You're probably right. We had some great times together, but maybe we'd be better off apart."

This type of mindset will blow your girlfriend away! Instead of fighting her as she expects, you're agreeing with her and aligning yourself with her own position.

There's no fighting here, and no debate. You're giving your girlfriend exactly what she thinks she wants. Your break becomes a lot cleaner, and any hard feelings between the two of you are quickly eliminated.

But what if the breakup already happened?

How can you agree with your ex's decision to end things if the relationship's been over for a while, or you've even lost contact?

Actually, accomplishing that task is a lot easier than you'd think. There are some excellent techniques for agreeing with the break up even if you've been fighting it since it happened. Learn what they are, so you can begin turning the situation around and putting yourself back on track to getting your girlfriend back.

Rule #6: Your Old Relationship Must End Before You Can Start Working On a New One

The sooner you start thinking about your relationship in the past tense, the easier it will be to win your ex girlfriend's love again.

Winning Ex Girlfriend Back

Sounds hard, right? That's because it is. No one wants to let go of something they still want... and right now, you're probably clinging to the last shreds of your broken relationship.

Letting go is your best and only move. You cannot repair what's no longer there. You also can't build a new relationship on the charred ruins of your old one.

Here's where you need to be strong. You need to sweep the past completely aside, because if there's one thing girls and guys both have in common it's this:
everyone loves a clean slate.

Think about it this way: eventually, you and your ex will built a new romance. You'll want it to be good, clean, and clear of any of the old baggage that caused you to break up in the first place.

That said, if you want your ex girlfriend back fast? Breaking ties with your past will allow you to finally create a new future. By NOT suffering through a long, drawn-out, desperate-looking breakup, you're creating an environment where your ex can actually see that things will be different.

Speeding Up The Process of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

  • The less moves you make immediately following the breakup, the easier it will be to get your girlfriend back later on.
  • The quicker you remove yourself from your ex girlfriend's life, the faster she'll start to miss you.
  • The more room you give your ex to breathe, the lonelier she'll be, and the more she'll think about being without you.
  • The faster you can accept the break up, the quicker your ex will begin re-evaluating her decision to end the relationship.
  • The quicker you can put your past relationship behind you, the sooner you can get started on building a brand new one.

Now if you've let go of the relationship and your ex is still unresponsive? There are some very simple reconnection techniques that will get her thinking about you again. Most can even be applied right away, depending upon your current situation.

Reading your ex girlfriend's words and actions is yet another aspect of winning her back. So let's talk about that below:

How To Know If You Ex Still Loves You

Ex Factor

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