Aaarrggghhh!!! You got caught cheating!!!

Yeah, I know, it sucks. No matter how she found out - whether your girl caught you in the act or heard about it through someone else - chances are good she immediately broke up with you. And the second she did, you realized how much she meant to you. You knew right then and there you didn't want the relationship to end.

Is there some way of making her forgive you?

And if there is, how do you go about getting her back?

Get Back Girlfriend After Cheating

Infidelity is one of the most devastating things to get past in a relationship. Moving on together will require efforts on both sides; you'll need to convince your ex girlfriend that it was a one-shot deal, and that you'll never, ever cheat again. She on the other hand, has the more difficult job: forgiving you... and then trying to forget.

Fixing a Relationship After Cheating Takes Time

Understand first and foremost that the road back into your girlfriend's good graces will be long. Of all the possible things you can break up for, cheating requires the longest recovery period. Time does heal all wounds - that part is true - but the wounds you feel when someone cheats on you are deeper than most.

That said, there's always a way back into your ex's heart. Your girlfriend had the relationship rug pulled out from under her, even if she's the one who did the pulling. In other words, she never wanted the romance to end. She never wanted to be apart from you. Those things are good, and that's the start of how you'll get her back.

Eventually, you'll use these reconnection techniques to make your girl fall in love with you again, and feel exactly like she did at the start of the relationship. But that comes later...

First Thing to Do After She Catches You Cheating

Okay, onto the good stuff. First, understand that when you've cheated on someone they have every right to be angry. Your ex will be pissed and hurt. She'll feel betrayed. She may want to throw stuff and pound her fists on your chest for a while.


One of the biggest mistakes guys make is trying to 'talk her down off the ledge'. Right now, your girlfriend doesn't want to be talked off the ledge. She wants to live there. She wants to set up camp on the ledge, and hurl down barbs and insults in order to hurt you back.

Rather than try to get her off the ledge, you need to sit down next to her. This is the next step in the process. You have to quietly allow your girlfriend to vent, yell, and scream her lungs out. Once that's done, you take the next very important step:

You go away.

Yes, you totally leave. No more words, no more excuses. No more apologies, and no more "I swear I'll never do it again". YOU WALK. Leave her to her misery, because let's face it, she's going to be miserable whether or not you're there next to her.

In essence, the longer you stay and beg forgiveness? The more angry she's going to be. The more ammunition you're giving her later, and the more fuel you're adding to the fire.

Leaving Her Alone To Make Her Question The Breakup

Think about it: by leaving your girl alone, she's only going to calm down. The yelling and screaming stage will be over. She'll send a few nasty texts or emails, but you'll ignore those. You'll NEVER respond to them, and you'll NEVER beg for "another chance" or stupid shit like that. These are two of the 12 biggest mistakes people make while trying to reverse an unwanted breakup.

When you're gone, guess what happens? Your girlfriend starts worrying. She wonders if you're with that other girl again. She'll question whether she just drove you into her arms. Most of all, she'll have to FACE A LIFE WITHOUT YOU. While you're still clinging to her leg, begging her to take you back, she never has to do that.

Now I know it sounds cruel. You're leaving your girl crying, at possibly the worst time in her life. But if you want her back? This is how you have to handle things. You have to make hard decisions and face grim realities; your relationship as you know it is dead, and the only possible way to move on is to re-build a new romance based on love, trust, and ultimately, your girlfriend's forgiveness.

What to Do if She's Already Gone

If you're reading the above advice too late, and she already broke things off - and won't respond to you anymore - there are still things you can do. There are ways of making your ex think about you again, reconnection techniques that will insert yourself back into her head and make her question the decision to end things as they are.

One of the greatest guides to rekindling a broken romance was written by relationship expert T.W. Jackson:

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Like building a house or flying an airplane, getting an exgirlfriend to take you back is a totally learnable skill. Don't go into your breakup with no knowledge of what to do, thinking you can just 'wing it' and hope to get her back. With every day that goes by, you could be losing her. With every incorrect move you make, you're pushing her away and causing distance between you.

T.W.'s guide is fully downloadable, and in just minutes you can be reading his entire step-by-step blueprint for getting back together.

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