Getting Her Back When She Just Wants To Be Friends

Losing a girlfriend be hard to overcome, but there's always the chance you can win your ex back. But what happens when she just wants to be friends? Is there still a path that leads back into your girlfriend's heart, or are you doomed to play the role of platonic friend from here on out?

She Wants to Be Friends

Winning back an ex girlfriend who has her heart set on friendship can be a difficult process, but it all depends on how much harder you make it.

When your girlfriend dumps you and asks to stay on friendly terms, what you do immediately afterward can determine how easily you can work your way back up to being her boyfriend... or how hard it will be to make her see you romantically, as a potential boyfriend again.

That being said, if you think you can make the transition from friendship back to romance, you're way out of your league.

The Truth About Being Friends With An Exgirlfriend

Guess what? Your girlfriend really doesn't want your friendship. That's a tough pill for most guys to swallow, especially if they grabbed hold of the "let's be friends" speech with both hands. Getting an ex girlfriend back who just wants to be friends first requires that you overcome the illusion that you can be friends to begin with. Because in all honesty? Such an arrangement is a complete impossibility.

How can you be friends with someone you're still in love with? The answer is you can't. So what you'll do is pretend to be friends with your ex. Maybe you're even doing it already. Maybe in the desperate haste to keep your girlfriend in your life, you agreed to some level of friendship. And so now here you sit... watching, waiting, hoping that your ex doesn't meet a new guy while praying she somehow magically decides that she wants to be with you again.

Think about that scenario. Doesn't sound too attractive, does it? But that's exactly what's going on right now. You think you're getting your ex girlfriend back - or at least trying to - but what you're really doing is digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole... one which you'll eventually be unable to climb out of.

From Friends Back to Lovers? Not Really...

Ask yourself a question: does a relationship that gets demoted down to a friendship have any logical chance of being promoted back into a relationship again? That whole process just sounds unnatural. By asking to stay friends, your girlfriend has basically said "I kinda like you, but not enough to date you". It's not enough to just hang around your ex pretending to be her platonic buddy... you need to change things up.

Somehow, you need to make your ex girlfriend want you back. Otherwise, you're just going to sit around feeling sorry for yourself until she starts dating again.

Once your ex meets a new guy? The jealous torture begins. This is where it gets really bad... you have front-row tickets to your ex's next relationship, and have to watch it unfold right before your eyes. As you see some other guy kissing up on your girl, you'll be ready to run as hard as you can in the opposite direction. But at the same time, you won't... because you'll want to stick around just in case your ex decides she loves you again. As a friend, you have to support her. This is the worst case scenario: losing your girlfriend to someone else, and being unable to do anything to stop it.

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Suggests Becoming Friends

Okay, enough talking about the problem. Let's talk about the solution for a change. What exactly are your opening moves when your girlfriend breaks things off? How do you go about getting ex girlfriend back when she's already said she only likes you as a friend?

The first thing you need to do: turn down the friendship. If you've already become your ex's platonic "friend", your first move is to undo that whole arrangement. This is an easy step, and can be accomplished by telling your exgirlfriend the following:

"Look... I love you. I love you way too much to just be friends with you. As boyfriend and girlfriend, I think we're great - but as friends? That just doesn't work for me. I can't just pretend not to love you, and so I wish you luck in everything you do."

Once you've told your ex that you can't be friends with her, it's time to walk away. You need to stay strong and not contact your ex - even a little bit - during the next few days and weeks.

By keeping up the appearance that you've totally moved on with your life, your ex girlfriend will begin to realize exactly what she's missing. She'll start thinking about you, and the relationship. She'll wonder what you're doing, and who you may be with. Best of all, she'll realize that she can no longer get you back whenever she wants to... and this is going to make you wildly more attractive to her than if you'd sat around clapping your hands for her, pretending to be her friend.

Instead of hanging back in a pretend role, you need to concentrate on winning your exgirlfriend back. There's no way for you to do that from the position of being her friend. Some really great reversal methods and techniques can be used to win her heart, but none of these involve first becoming friends with your ex.

By declining friendship and accepting the end of your relationship, you can begin drawing up a step-by-step blueprint for reversing your girlfriend's current opinion of you.

Other Ways to Get Your Exgirlfriend Back From Friendship

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