My Ex Girlfriend Hasn't Called - Is It Over?

One of the worst parts about trying to get back together with someone is the waiting. Not knowing what your ex girlfriend thinks about you, or what she's feeling, can often lead you to feel hopeless about the situation. That being said, even the biggest break ups hold the chance for reconciliation. Sometimes the best way to achieve get back ex success is to do the things that will make your ex want you again.

Ex Girlfriend Not Calling

When a girl dumps you, there are a thousand different paths you can take. Some guys walk away dejectedly and give up, never to look back. Others go out kicking and screaming as they try to "fight for the relationship".

There are hundreds of wrong moves that guys make after breaking up, and most of them happen because getting dumped can put you in a very radically emotional state of mind. But if you want your ex girlfriend back? You need to calm down, keep your cool, and start planning on what moves you should make first.

The most common problem after the break up is always the same: My ex girlfriend hasn't called! Knowing what to do in that situation isn't always easy, especially because your first instinct will be to reach out and get in touch with her yourself. As the days wear on into weeks, the urge to call, text-message, or even email your exgirlfriend can become overwhelming. But before you make such a mistake, let's try to examine why your ex hasn't called you yet.

Reasons Why Your Ex Isn't Calling You (Yet)

Do you think your girlfriend has already moved on? Chances are good that she hasn't. Women are emotional, and the decision to let go of your relationship was something your ex girlfriend probably thought about very seriously before she did it. Even afterward, her mind is still on you. Girls can't turn off their feelings and emotions like a faucet, so odds are better than average that your ex hasn't found anyone new to start dating yet. Rebound relationships do happen, but they're more rare than you think.

Why Won't She Call

Next question: do you think she hates you? Unless you cheated on your ex, verbally or mentally abused her, or constantly had blowout fights, there's a good chance your ex still has some degree of love for you. She may think you're better off apart (for now, anyway) but this wouldn't be a reason to completely cut off contact.

So why do you think your ex girlfriend hasn't called?

Honestly? Because right now she feels weirded out by you. And the more you push? The weirder things GET.

Think about it this way: she dumped you, she walked away, and now she's supposed to still talk to you? That's not a likely scenario... at first. Immediately after the break up is not the time to contact your ex girlfriend, or try to force her to communicate with you. This is the time you should actually be giving your ex some space. After spending time alone, she'll start to realize how much she depended upon you in her daily life. This is when your ex will begin missing you, and that's one of the first steps on the road to getting your girlfriend back.

The Good News About No Contact With Your Ex Girlfriend

But there is some good news. After some time has passed... contact with you becomes not only okay with her, but also desired. If you've given your ex time to herself - without calling, nagging, or trying to get in touch with her - she's going to be extremely curious about where you are... what you're doing... why you've been so quiet and how come you haven't tried contacting her.

Think your ex stopped looking over her shoulder at you just because she broke things off? Think again. No girl wants to see her ex boyfriend successfully move on with his life before she does. She doesn't want to see that you're "okay with the break up", because it might mean you didn't need her as much as she figured you did. And she certainly doesn't want to see you dating anyone else. Even though she's the one who did the dumping, the jealousy from that situation alone would drive her crazy... jealousy because you moved on and she did not.

So what do you do? How do you get your ex back? What steps can you take to make sure you're not sitting around saying "It's been weeks and my ex girlfriend hasn't called... is it over?"

There are some great techniques for getting your girlfriend to need you back, but you must be careful about making them. And an even better approach? There are also methods you can use to get your ex to call you.

Knowing When to Act... and When to Hang Back

Being proactive in getting your ex back is always good, but too much action - and action taken too soon - can actually sabotage your chances for reversing your break up. You need time and patience, but you also need the knowledge to make the correct decisions. Getting back together and dating your ex again is a completely learnable skill; all you need to do is apply the right knowledge to your own unique situation.

To get her back, learn the best ways to make her want you again, even when your ex girlfriend hasn't called you since the breakup.

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