Getting Your Girl Back From Her Rebound Relationship

Losing your girlfriend is even harder when you don't see it coming. But watching your ex date someone else has to be the toughest thing of all. If your girlfriend jumped straight into another rebound relationship, don't give up hope! Even though she's already seeing another guy, things might not be as bad as they seem.

Rebound Relationship

She dumps you... and then suddenly she's dating again. You're hurt, you're crushed, and any feelings you had of putting the relationship back together again are now out the window. Or are they?

Getting your ex back from another guy isn't as hard as you imagine it is. Just as getting back together with an ex involves a set series of correctly executed steps, winning your girlfriend back from someone else is no different. The steps might include some additional moves, but there are easy ways of making your ex think about you, miss you, and want to be with you again.

One of the biggest advantages you've got going right now is the word "rebound". Did your ex fling herself into the arms of another guy? Whether he was someone she was looking at while the two of you were still dating or he's someone entirely new, the fact that your ex immediately began dating again is actually a good thing.

Look at it this way: instead of dealing with the break up and processing it in her mind, your ex hurriedly shoved it in a corner in order to move forward with someone new. This means she never got the chance to reconcile her feelings for you, and this is a huge asset to getting your ex back.

Using Your Ex's Existing Feelings For You Against Her

Any time a girl buries feelings rather than deal with them, those feelings don't always stay submerged. As the honeymoon stages of her new relationship wear off, there are ways you can tug gently on those emotions to bring them right back to the surface.

Done correctly, this will undermine her existing relationship, causing her to be torn between you and him. And believe it or not, this can be done very easily - the battle takes place within your exgirlfriend's mind and heart, with not much effort required on your part.

It's a fact: Most rebound relationships fail within 4-6 weeks. You can even hasten that time period with some well-placed manuevers - moves designed to bring your ex girlfriend's mind back into the best memories of your past history together.

In the beginning of your ex's new relationship however, there's nothing you can really accomplish. She'll be happy and secure with her new man for a few weeks, and you'll need to suck it up and get through this difficult time by thinking about the future. Nothing you can do or say will change her mind, so don't try.

Instead, remind yourself that you will end up back with your exgirlfriend. When you do, you'll work on establishing a strengthened, long-term relationship together. Her new rebound relationship is likely doomed to failure, and soon too... partly because her new boyfriend may lose interest, but mostly because your ex never had the chance to fully get over the relationship she had with you. She jumped into a new romance at an unstable time in her life.

There will always be signs your ex's new relationship is in trouble. Look for them, and be prepared to act when they crop up.

And once your ex's new relationship begins to falter? That's when you need to be ready. Most women involved in a rebound relationship end up getting hurt rather than doing the hurting. If and when this happens, your ex will be looking for someone familiar and safe. You'll be that person, and you'll anchor her during the storm. You'll befriend her in some ways, but in others you'll still be her boyfriend.

Being There For Your Ex After the Rebound

You have some major things going for you if you manage to stay in your ex's good graces following the breakup. She knows you well, she feels comfortable with you - and by not badmouthing her new boyfriend or talking bad about him, you'll establish a neutral trust with your ex girlfriend.

Steal Girlfriend Back

When she finally makes the decision to leave him (or he dumps her), you'll be right there waiting to pick up where you left off... and so will she.

You'll be the one to make her laugh. You'll be the one to remind her that everything's going to be alright.

Most importantly, you'll be the shoulder to cry on. You'll be the 'friend' she goes to when life's giving her problems, because you offer nothing but laughter and comfort.

During this time you can use your past history together as a great tool to make her want you again. Over time, the memories of fighting and arguing will quickly fade. When she thinks of your relationship, your ex will want to remember the good times you had. Help her with that, by strategically inserting those memories back in her head again.

Your goal here is to make your past look much more inviting than her current situation. The good news is that rebound relationships burn brightly but fade out very quickly. And since she never fully had the chance to get over her feelings for you, it's a natural reaction to want you back again.

Other Moves to Get Her Back From Another Man

If your girl starts dating again before you can get her back, there are some very important rules you need to follow. Check out the complete 8-step process to getting her back from her new boyfriend over at Ex is Dating Someone Else.

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